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Modern FAM

The first time we hired a photographer to take our Family Portraits we knew we needed to shift how we approached the process in our studio.  

As the Mom, I rushed the morning of the session making sure everyone had their hair and teeth brushed, their clothes tidy and no food on their faces.  In doing all this, I ran out of time to do those things for myself.  My hair and makeup was rushed, I threw on an outfit that ‘wasn’t quite right’ and I forgot to brush my own teeth!  By the time we arrived at the photo shoot, I was exhausted and grumpy. 


Our children were 1 & 3 years old at the time and most of the photos we got were mostly “us chasing kids” or me with “take the damn picture” face.  The photographer was able to capture some beautiful images of our little family, but every time I look at the photos, all I see is my stress.

So, we decided to make a change and created the Modern FAM experience.  

Before you even step foot in our studio, we help you prepare with helpful tips and tricks as well as discussing how you dream of your family being photographed.

On the day of your session, we invite you, the mom, to come in first for your chance to take a quiet breath while getting your hair and makeup done.  

To ensure you are feeling comfortable and confident in front of the camera, you will get a turn to be photographed before the rest of your family joins.  Tobin will sculpt you from the tips of your toes to the top of your head in figure flattering poses and I will keep my eye on all the details of your hair, makeup and clothing.  

Once the rest of the family joins you, each family member, one at a time, will have their own turn with Tobin so he can coach them. This will allow everyone to be comfortable in front of his camera and allow him a chance to capture stunning images of each family member on their own.  

We will do a multiple setups in different groupings and outfits giving you a great variety of beautiful images to choose from.


About two weeks later, you will return for an in-studio purchasing session of your portraits where Tobin will guide you through the process of choosing your favourites to cherish forever.

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